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About CBmall 

    •  What is CBmall?

CBmall is a convenient shopping portal for Clickbank products designed by Jeff Mulligan, an internet business entrepreneur. He offers the CBmall shopping site to people interested in pursuing a home based business opportunity on the internet, as anyone can display the CBmall shopping site or refer others to it and obtain sales commissions. You can even order through your own CBmall to pay less for Clickbank products!


    •  How easy is it to set up CBmall?

It is very easy to set up and use CBmall. You first have to sign up as an affiliate at Clickbank.com, which is easy to do and is free: sign up at Clickbank for CB mall here. You will need your Clickbank ID to set up your personal CBmall, and you will be able to use the Clickbank ID for many other purposes. CBmall is also set up to automatically promote at least two other internet business opportunities that are also FREE to join. You can sign up NOW for them here:
1) Pre-CBmall Sign up at SFI
2) Pre-CBmall Sign up at IMC

(Hint: Even if you decide not to sign up for CBmall, the above sign-ups are free and can be used on other web sites and blogs for free, so don't miss out. All 3 of them are very popular, with good reason!)


    •  How easy is it to use CBmall?

About as easy as it can get on the web. Just copy some snippets of code provided on the CBmall member site, and paste them anywhere you want--on your blogs, websites, or even in classified ads. You can also set up a web page to "redirect" visitors to your main CBmall. For other ideas and free tools and products to help you in your internet marketing efforts (not just for CBmall!), sign up for TheScoopSite Newsletter, which is spam-free, hype-free, and, yes, free!


    • Can I really make money with CBmall?

In all matters of Internet marketing, the answer is a "yes, but. . ." Click around the CBmall store yourself, and you will see the sales potential for those hundreds of Clickbank products. Yes, the computer age allows for much to be automated, but nowhere on the internet is there some sort of comprehensive system that allows you to sit back passively and rake in the megabucks without putting in time and effort -- CBmall included.

If you're not sure what to do about the CBmall opportunity or about business on the internet in general, take your time and get educated, and take advantage of the free tools and free opportunities out there. Read about these by subscribing free to TheScoopSite Newsletter (immediately at sign up you can download a new, free eBook that provides the exact blueprint one man used to make over $9000 in one month on Adsense alone in 2006!)

    • Where can I find out more about CBmall?

Browse the links in the left sidebar, or . . .

Click on the "Open a Store" link at our CBmall, or . . .

 Just click the "More Info" button below!

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